Moon Light Design System

Installing Moon Light Design

  1. Install pnpm:

    corepack enable

    Note that we are using pnpm version 8

    corepack prepare [email protected] --activate
  2. Install dependencies and link local packages together:

    pnpm install
  3. Compile and build all packages:

    pnpm run build
  4. Run storybook for development:

    pnpm run doc dev
  5. Build and run storybook for production at localhost:80:

    pnpm run doc build
    pnpm run doc start
  6. Run e2e tests:

    pnpm run doc test


Our pnpm monorepo publishes key layers as individual @heathmont/moon- packages:

  1. docs/ - Style guide and documentation
  2. packages/ - Moon Design System

Packages are developed inside their respective src folders, utilizing pnpm workspaces for dependency linking/sharing. The distributable code is generated in each package's lib by the TypeScript compiler.


If you're interested in contributing to Moon Design, please read our contributing docs before submitting a pull request.