TextInput Group

Indeed, forms require input from all users, including astronauts. Text input fields help to gather both short and long-form information. The size of the text field should correspond to the length of information that's required.

Text input fields can contain various rules to ensure the right information is obtained from users. Users should also be given prompts to guide them on what's needed, or if they've made an error while doing so.


Vertical orientation




Text type variants

Access Values by ref

Country: Estonia
Phone: +372 45678901

Props (Text types)

inputPropsobject { input1: TextInputTypes, input2: TextInputTypes }Yesobject { inputSize: 'md', type: 'text' }Props for the text input fields. See TextInput component
orientationvertical | horizontalNohorizontalHow the fields are positioned with one another
isRtlbooleanNofalseText direction