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Like the accordion instrument, our accordion component reveals or hides associated sections of content. This is done through the use of a vertically stacked list of headers.

Users can decide which sections to toggle, read and close as the header titles will give them a high-level overview of the content that's in the space.


Open by default

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Without button


Content outside

Header content


Sizes: content outside

Custom background

Accordion props

bgColorstringNobg-gohanAlters background colour of accordion
childrenReact.ReactNodeNo-Children content
disabledbooleanNofalseDisables accordion
headerContentReact.ReactNodeNo-Additional content to render in accordion header
isContentInsidebooleanNotrueDisplays content inside of the accordion header block
openByDefaultbooleanNofalseExpanded accordion by default
sizesm | md | lg | xlNomdSize of accordion
titlestring | React.ReactNodeYes-Title of accordion
withButtonbooleanNotrueToggles expand/collapse arrow