Tooltips offer further contextual information to users.


Default tooltip

Only textual content

With icon

Icon and text

Custom content

Custom content

Put any content here

Persistent tooltip

Always visible tooltip


Position bottom

Bottom tooltip

Position right

Right tooltip

Position top

Top tooltip

Position left

Left tooltip

Props for Tooltip component

childrenReact.ReactElementYes-Component or element which Tooltip wraps around
textstringNo-Textual content for Tooltip
iconReact.ReactElementNo-Icon shown in the Tooltip
contentReact.ReactElementNo-Custom component shown in the Tooltip
position'top' | 'bottom' | 'left' | 'right'NotopWhere Tooltip will be shown
showbooleanNofalseShould Tooltip be shown persistently
fixedbooleanNotrueShould Tooltip be rendered relative to parent or body element