By default, Select stretches to full width on small devices.

For Select inputs that need to remain full width on all devices, use the fullWidth prop.



with label


sizelarge | xLargeNolargeThe option's value.
labelJSX.Element | stringNo-Label title
placeholderSlotJSX.Element | stringNo-Placeholder
headerSlotJSX.ElementNo-Header element slot.
footerSlotJSX.ElementNo-Footer element slot.
menuWidthnumberNo_Options container width
leftSlotJSX.ElementNo_Left content for selected option
leftSlotJSX.ElementNo_Inform message under select
amountOfVisibleItemsnumberNo_Set amount of visible options in multi select, all other will be hide under counter
isErrorbooleanNo_Set valid/not valid select
isDisabledbooleanNo_Is the select disabled
isMultibooleanNo_Support multiple selected options
isSearchablebooleanNo_Whether to enable search functionality
closeMenuOnSelectbooleanNofalseClose the select menu when the user selects an option