An elegant search component.

Search component default values

Search loading

Without results


placeholderstringNo-Search input placeholder
isOpenbooleanNofalseOpen/close search
onSubmitReact.ReactFormEventNo-Event that happens on submit
sizeSearchInputSizeNo-Search input size
onChangeReact.ChangeEventNo-Event that happens when user types something
closeButtonJSX.elementNo-Specify close button
hasBorderbooleanNofalseDisplay border around search input
onBlurReact.FocusEventNo-Event that happens when user clicks outside of search input
onClearReact.MouseEventNo-Event that happens when user clears search input
onFocusReact.FocusEventNo-Event that happens when user clicks on search input
onKeyDownReact.KeyboardEventNo-Event that happens when user presses the key
onKeyUpReact.KeyboardEventNo-Event that happens when user releases the key
resultsJSX.ElementsNo-Results from search query